Call for Papers

Researchers, academics and professionals are invited to submit their full paper which includes: background, problem formulation, research objective, research method, results and discussion, and conclusion. The manuscript should be submitted via our conference system at ICETIA 2017 Submission in MS Word (.doc, .docx) format. Every manuscript submitted to ICETIA 2017 will be reviewed by two independent peer reviewers. If your manuscript is accepted, we will request you to prepare to presentation at the conference.

Area of Research

Sustainable Industrial ProcessGreen Manufacture
Process Technology
Clean Technology
Separation Technology
Industrial System OptimizationIndustrial Control and Automation
Process Modelling and Optimization
Electronics and Power Electronics
Product Design and ManagementGreen and Ergonomic Product Design
Human Factors for Productivity
Green Supply Chain Management
Quality Control and Management
Sustainable Built EnvironmentUrban and Rural Development
Green Architecture
Transport Management
Sustainable InfrastructureTransportation
Energy Efficient Automotive
Water ManagementWater Conservation
Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Infrastructure ManagementEnergy Saving Building
Structure Engineering
Construction Management
Disaster Management
Preservation and ConservationHeritage Building
Natural Resources Management
Material EngineeringNew Material
Advanced Material
Recycled Material
Green ComputingInformation Technology
Software Engineering
Smart City
Artificial Intelligence
Green EnergySustainable and Renewable Energy
Power System Management