Engineering has a strategic role in addressing the challenges of life. Due to its importance, the breakthrough in engineering can be considered as the cutting edge of civilization. To the present time, there are four significant waves of civilization, namely the agronomy era (1st – 15th century), industrial era (16th – 19th century), communication era (20th century) and creative era (21st century). The current condition in the field of engineering overcoming the creative era is an interesting topic to study. Therefore, we invite academics, practitioners and bureaucrats to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Engineering Technology and Industrial Application (ICETIA) 2015.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Robert de Souza
(Executive Director of The Logistics Institute - Asia Pasific)
Ridwan Kamil, ST, MUD
(Mayor of Bandung City Indonesia, Architect & Urban Designer)
Sandiaga Uno, BA, MBA
(Entrepreneur, CEO of Saratoga Capital)